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About CCCN

Welcome to the Citroen Car Club Online Trading Post for Southern California.

Anyone wishing to place a Request or Advert
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This blog will try to keep track of our events past, present & future.
The  intent is to supplement in an online newsletter format events local to Southern California  
& within our general sphere of  operation. Aimed at featuring Citroen News, Tech  Info, Wanted / Classifieds,  
Obituaries, possibly even an occasional  Weather Report, as the weather permits,  
and most of all breaking Citroen  Car Club News both locally & abroad.
Follow  us as we romp haphazardly & with hydraulic abandon through the inner  & outer reaches of the California Southland.  
Going where no car  club has dared to go before.
Also follow us on our website & check our master events calendar at:
Bienvenue & Bonne Chance!
For Sale:
Two 1969 Citroen Wagons
One runs and one does not.
Located in Camel Valley, California

Contact Mary Leferver
831 624-4533
POSTED 10-13-2017
CX Wanted

I'm looking for a Citroen CX in  very good condition for use as daily driver in LA. Must be ready to drive and  possible to register in California. ,
Open to Turbo, GTI, Pallas, Athena  and even Safari, but NOT Prestige or Diesel models (my use-case is mostly  in-town). Mechanical and interior condition most important. Less concerned about  exterior cosmetics - unless they indicate accidents or abuse.

Jonathan L
Posted May 5, 2017
As a former member of the Citroen Car Club and a former owner  of a 1973 Pallas,
I am writing to ask if someone would like to purchase some  parts that I have.  
My beloved car was smashed at the garage where it was being  serviced.  
I had not put on 4 hub caps that I had purchased from Jean Blondeau
in Paris and I also have a custom made roof rack as well as some odds and  ends.
My telephone #  949.644.2239
900 Citrus  Place, Newport Beach, CA 92660.
Margaret Montgomery
WANTED Citroen Emblem
Do you have a Citroen Emblem for sale, preferably a metal one?
I have a 1 inch hole in my dash I want to cover up.  Cheers,  

Mark Thomas

Hello.  My name is Mark Thomas  I am working on my late uncles (Chuck Baccus)   2CV here in San Jose.  I am attempting to fix the broken guide rails on the  front seats.  I am trying to come up with a replacement piece.  I am sure there  are other 2CV owners out there with the same problem.  Do you know if any of  your club members have the same problem and if they were able to fix without  buying a new seat frame.  Hopefully someone has done this before and can save me  some time and money.  

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a replacement part.  I am  contacting manufacturer just in case.

Also, do any of your members have one of the big bore kits (650cc) in a  running 2CV?  I was considering this option since we need a new engine soon.  I  wonder if the extra HP is worth the expense.

         SM  5 Speed manual 2.7 liter
          in decent mechanical shape
          Contact: Raffi Soghomonian
              Phone: 323-466-1688
Looking for a DS
Timo Trevisani

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