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Why join? You'll meet the finest folks in a Citroen.

Why join? You'll meet good friends, have fun & have interesting adventures!
And best of all be able to keep your Citro├źn on the road!

Are We Not Citroen Owners!

The Citroen Car Club was founded in Los Angeles in 1956 by Citroen & Panhard owners who found themselves a bit at a loss for support from the parent company. Dealerships were few & parts were slow & hard to obtain. Citroen had a very small foothold in America in the 1930s & the intervention of war in Europe set things back considerably. Post war years were a time of recovery & re-establishment for most European marques as their sales share struggled against the obvious American market. Citroen owners pressed on, collected & did much for themselves & aided each other as Citroen's presence in the US slowly grew to its final peak in the 1970s. By 1974 Citroen faced challenging demands from US market competition & stricter regulation placed on auto manufacturing from overseas. Many of the European marques were incapable or slow to adapt as both the mideast oil crisis & the rising tide of more economical Japanese imports flooded the market.

Citroen finally withdrew from the US in 1975, selling off the last of the DS models, 2CVs & SMs, parts & dealerships closed for good. Eventually only personal cars,  a few grey-market cars & left over inventory in the form of 2CV "kit" cars entered the US. Citroen owners once again faced the struggle of keeping their cars alive without support from Europe & the Citroen Car Club fortunately has been there to help owners.
Thanks to the foresight of those founding members over 60 years ago Citroen has been able to survive the ebbs & flows of circumstance.

Today the Citroen Car Club is still strong & offers its availability to help current & future owners of all Citroens regardless of model or year of manufacture. We do our best.

Membership in the Citroen Car Club is important for everyone. Each member brings something to the table & shares knowledge, technology, skills, lore, good times & even a few tall tales which make the club what it is.
There are many regional Citroen Clubs in the US & we do our best to reach out & keep in touch with other clubs throughout the world. Together our mutual support enhances the experience of owning one of the worlds finest automobiles - the Citroen.
As a note - The Citroen Car Club does not discriminate - we love all cars, as Citroen has lent itself to so many makes & generally advanced automotive technology considerably it is undeniably one of the worlds great pioneers.

You need not own a Citroen to be a member - just be nice.

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