1968 Citroen 2CV AZU

It’s been in the mid-Atlantic region for the past 15-20 years. We pulled it out of a garage and have been getting it back on the road. Recent work includes:

  • Gas tank pulled and restored
  • New coil, plugs, wires, points, condenser
  • Carb pulled and cleaned
  • New air ducting / hoses

Other than that, we left it pretty original. Or at least, original as we found it. Has the rear bench, as well as the two removable seats.

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Citroën CX 25 Prestige 1987

Mileage: 82860

$5,555 OBO

Rare! Only 300 of these made it to America. A luxury liner in its day, it sold for over $40,000 new. Expertly maintained by the best mechanic in America for this generation Citroën.  Excellent hydraulics deliver Citroën’s uniquely smooth ride. An online description of another CX states: “Citroën enthusiasts recognize the CX as the last real Citroën. It was launched just before the takeover by Peugeot. With its spacious and luxurious interior and coupled with the famous Citroën hydro-pneumatic suspension, a ride in a CX was as close to a ride on a fast magic carpet one can possibly hope for.”  A favorite among French business executives and politicians, the Prestige offered more rear legroom than any other standard-sized sedan in the world.

This one has rust issues around the sunroof and other exterior (and some interior) wear typical of any 30-year-old car.  Blemishes aside, this rare ride is a terrifically fun drive, and can be yours for far less than you’d pay for anything half this cool.

Contact: Mark Humphrey


Tel: (310) 392-2535

Location: Santa Monica, CA