1987 2CV Charleston For Sale

It is currently in Petaluma and has been fully restored over the past two years.  Has had some work done by Peter Koine in Belmont, CA.



Janet Pierucci, PhD





Euro spec, Canadian model.

2.7L motor, 3 speed auto, 3 carbs.

Original turning headlights

All original except 1 re spray about 12 yrs ago.

Interior is perfect.

Serviced about 5, 000 miles ago.

Car runs and drives.






Same owner since 1985.

Currently in Mission Viejo

$39,000, OBO.

email Robert




FOR SALE  1953 Traction Avant  11BL

Very original Citroen TA 11BL, Chassis No. AM19213,  with 35,234 kms.

When I purchased it five years ago it had not been on the road for some time so I ordered and replaced  all consumable parts from France before it was started and it now runs like a top – starts immediately-  No Rust, new Michelins, re-covered seats & door panels, original paint with perhaps more patina than desired – everything works .

The car is registered, insured and can be driven at any time – comfortable freeway speed  55 – 65 MPH


Greg Millard <> Carlsbad, CA

List of parts sourced and replaced


Telefoon: (0032)(0)87 78 51 24

Fax: (0032)(0)87 78 44 35

BTW(TVA) BE 0884.682.362


E-mail :

Phone: 001 619 3180203

Mister Greg Millard

United States of America

Product nr Description Quantity Unit Price Pr. without Vat

602.135 Flexible dustcover for steering rack leather 2,00 38,26 76,52 A

621.299 Wheel brake cylinder front 2,00 35,40 70,80 A

621.004 Wheel brake cylinder rear 2,00 35,40 70,80 A

520.608 Brake hose front 11cv 410mm) 2,00 16,40 32,80 A

520.601 Brake hose rear 7 CV, 11 CV and 15 CV (215mm) 2,00 14,88 29,76 A

624.142 Master cylinder 1,00 30,69 30,69 A

438.000-A Set brake facing with pin clinches rear axle 1,00 25,30 25,30 A

438.000-V Set brake facing with pin clinch front axle 11 CV 1,00 25,31 25,31 A

451.845 Driving belt 1,00 11,95 11,95 A

330.577 Radiator hose upper pump outlet vertical 1,00 15,61 15,61 A

329.642 Radiator hose lower pump outlet vertical 1,00 13,48 13,48 A

595.822 Fuel pump adaptable with glass and lever 1,00 79,66 79,66 A

309.183 Bracket assembly 197mm 1,00 11,51 11,51 A

309.293 Bracket assembly 110mm 1,00 11,54 11,54 A

309.189 Lower clip for exhaust pipe 1,00 13,29 13,29 A

321.214 Lower clip for long tail pipe 1,00 13,29 13,29 A

321.078 Flexible suspension plate 96x38x10 2,00 4,57 9,14 A

321.195 Flexible suspension plate 105x30x5 from 52 2,00 2,65 5,30 A

309.185 Insulating plate for tailpipe fixing 38x32x6 2,00 2,45 4,90 A

308.431 Gasket for exhaust flange copper oval 2,00 2,65 5,30 A

165.400 Tyre 165 x 400 Michelin 4,00 163,18 652,72 A

803.630 Rubber grommet for upper fuel tank filler neck from 07/52 1,00 5,32 5,32 A

803.684 Fuel tank 50 ltrs.11 BL trunk 1,00 219,18 219,18 A

723.321 Fuel gauge tank unit 11CV 6 Volt 1,00 23,87 23,87 A

595.376 Flexible rubber elbow 7×16 1,00 5,75 5,75 A

456.463 Water pump complete with impellor 80 mm 1,00 146,04 146,04 A

456.909 Gasket between. pump and plate 1,00 4,45 4,45 A

451.972 Gasket between. Pump and cylinder head – Perfo 1,00 1,53 1,53 A

709.667 Ignition complete suction system 1,00 119,49 119,49 A

329.600-S Rubber bush for radiator mounting 25×12, washer and nut i2n, 0s0 2,65 5,30 A

408.453 S.P.I.Oil retainer 36x83x12 for differential 2,00 6,55 13,10 A

604.101 Cap black Steering wheel with 2 arms 1,00 16,67 16,67 A

604.102 Cap blackSteering wheel 2 arms 1,00 15,47 15,47 A

329.875 Rubber connecting sleeve for duct, radiator side (curved) 1,00 11,07 11,07 A

331.352 Rubber connecting sleeve for duct, straight 1,00 7,08 7,08 A

721.113 Blade complete 2,00 8,00 16,00 A

804.104 Windscreen opening rubber control knob 1,00 2,65 2,65 A

723.405 Time switch for blinker 1,00 79,66 79,66 A

721.119 Parking L/R 1 piece 1,00 10,76 10,76 A

221.134 Air screen rubber 1,00 9,96 9,96 A

213.017-113 Windscreen frame weather-strip 1,00 15,48 15,48 A

213.203-4-A Windscreen frame rubber strip inside 7/52> 1,00 6,65 6,65 A

723.221 Set of barrel lock for switch with 2 keys Ronis from juni 521,00 23,01 23,01 A

706.422 Head light bulb 6 V 40/45 W bilux socket yellow 2,00 6,64 13,28 A

706.570 Bulb swan socket 6 V 15 W direction light, blinker 4,00 1,75 7,00 A

706.046 Bulb double pole 6 V 4 W for number plate 2,00 1,56 3,12 A

706.542 Bulb double pole 6 V 10 W rear light 2,00 1,77 3,54 A

707.046 Bulb double pole 6 V 15 W stoplight 2,00 2,01 4,02 A


1973 SM 2.7 liter 5 Speed  FOR SALE

This offer goes out of the Citroen community before it goes on BaT or eBay.  We are selling this for a long time Citroen Car Club member.  Sold new in California, it has 132K miles on it.  It is currently registered with clear CA title.  This car was made in January of 1973 so it has some items from the 72 model year and some from the 73 model year.

The good points:
The big plus is the 2.7 liter motor with the 3 liter engine casting which have the longest life.  The engine starts easily, runs smooth and strong.  Clutch feels tight and shifts well.  Has a lot of rubber on the tires.  It has a rare passenger side mirror.  Body is rust free, straight with no major accidents.

The bad points:
Electricals are dodgy.  The ignition switch needs be cleaned or replaced.  The windows don’t operate which is due to poor power feed.  They can be operated with the manual handle so the gears seem OK.  The tach does not work.  Heater fan not operating.  Handbrake needs adjusting.
The rear spheres are flat and the passenger side rear boot is ripped.  Suspect the brake sphere is also flat.  Main and front spheres seem OK.
The interior leather is dried and cracked.  Dash cover is cracked.  Steering wheel has some rubber rot.  Driver side carpet is oil soaked and dirty.  The driver seat does not fold forward and slide.

The car was painted 10 years ago but it now has some scrapes and dings to the lower passenger door and rear.   The outside door handle on driver door is difficult to use and needs adjustment.

With a little work, this can be made into a reliable driver with cosmetic and interior work to follow.  By the Hagerty value estimate, this falls into a Fair condition with an average value of $18,200.  Please no low ball offers as we already have an offer at 12K.  I think the car is worth more than this so make an appropriate offer.

Can you drive it home, yes if you are local to Los Angeles and bring some good rear spheres that can be installed.  One would also need extra green fluid as the boot replacement can come later.

To make an offer please email  Marieke at

The car is currently at my place and I will answer any technical question the best I can but I really don’t know the history of the car.

Chuck Forward

’71US/early eighties European model Mehari for sale

It was going through a complete restoration, when my health started deteriorating, so I can not finish the job. It is now over 80% done.

Over the years I replaced all body panels with brand new ones from France,painted vert Montana. except the interior – what I call the tub.

It comes with two engines- the original ’71, that was professionally rebuilt about 5-6 years ago, which means about 15000 miles on it. still runs strong, but I wanted a more modern one with an external oil filter, so I’ve brought one home as a short block from Europe about 2-3 years ago. It also comes with two transmissions – the original, truck or agricultural tranny and an AMI-8, disk brake unit that is already installed.

If someone is seriously interested, send me an e-mail to Lewis – and I will mail you back a several pages, detailed description what was already none and what are the still outstanding issues. The rebuild is totally photo-documented, which is also available upon request from me. I have all the invoices of what I spent on it since Ive purchased it.I do not dare to add it up

The vehicle is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Asking price is 12,000 US Dollars.